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Signs an allgic action, lik ash; hivs; itching; d, swolln, blistd, pling skin with without v; whzing; tightnss in th chst thoat; toubl bathing, swallowing, talking; unusual hoasnss; swlling th mouth, ac, lips, tongu, thoat. Signs inction lik v, chills, vy bad sthoat, a sinus pain, cough, msputum chang in colsputum, pain with passing uin, mouth sos, wound that will not hal. Signs blding lik thowing up blood thow up that looks lik cgounds; coughing up blood; blood in th uin; black, d, tay stools; blding Uroxatral generic release date om th gums; vaginal blding that is not nomal; buiss without a ason that gt bigg; any blding that is vy bad that you cannot stop. Signs liv poblms lik dak uin, ling tid, not hungy, upst stomach stomach pain, light-colod stools, thowing up, yllow skin ys. ling vy tid wak.

Pgnancy: Avoid. Potntial isk tth otus has bn potd. Consult you doctbus, i you a planning tall pgnant.

Patints bing tatd nuocysticcosis should civ stoid and anticonvulsant thapy tpvnt nuological symptoms (.g. sizus, incasd intacanial pssu and ocal signs) as a sult an inlammatoy action causd by dath th paasit within th bain.

Som popl, paticulaly childn, may xpinc diicultis swallowing th ALBNZA tablts whol. Tak ALBNZA with ood. ALBNZA may caus tal ham, tho, obtain a pgnancy tst in womn poductiv potntial pitinitiating thapy. Advis womn poductiv potntial tus ctiv bith contol whil on ALBNZA and on month at complting tatmnt. Duing ALBNZA thapy, monitblood counts and liv nzyms vy 2 wks bcaus th possibility ham tth liv bon maow.

Th is nxpinc ovdosag. Gastic lavag may b pomd in th ist twtth hous at ingstion. Nspciic antidot is known.

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other drugs and combinations currently under study in europe are albendazole metromidazole 1500 mg h ; sulfadiazine 4g h pyrimethamine; mepron 3000 mg h; doxycycline 200 mg h nifuroxazide 1200 mg h; itraconazole 400 mg h; flubendazole 200 mg h; chloroquine 300 mg h; and paromomycin 3g h.

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