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Th lationship btwn long-tm us dutastid and mal bast noplasia is cuntly unknown.

Th administation AVODAT in combination with tamsulosin tazosin has nct on th stady-stat phamacokintics ith alpha-adngic antagonist. Th ct administation tamsulosin tazosin on dutastid phamacokintic paamts has not bn valuatd.

Avodat should nv b takn by a woman a child. Dutastid can b absobd though th skin, and womn childn should not b pmittd thandl Avodat capsuls. Although this mdicin is not us by womn, this mdication can caus bith dcts i a woman is xposd tit duing pgnancy. Avodat capsuls should not b handld by a woman whis pgnant whmay bcom pgnant. I a woman accidntally coms intcontact with this mdication om a laking capsul, wash th aa with soap and wat ight away.

Administation 12g colstyamin on hou at a 5mg singl dos dutastid did not act th phamacokintics dutastid.

Dutastid is a comptitiv and spciic inhibitboth typ 1 and typ 2 5 alpha-ductas isonzyms, with which it oms a stabl nzym complx. Dissociation om this complx has Order lioresal pronunciation bn valuatd und in vitand in vivconditions and is xtmly slow. Dutastid dos not bind tth human andogn cpto.

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