Can you buy atarax over the counter in uk

I suspect that you might have started taking atarax from an itchy skin condition and thus may be caused by something else.

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Information about Atarax.

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Additiv anticholingic cts may occu i hydoxyzin is administd concomitantly with oth anticholingic agnts.

Patints should b wand that Ataax may impai thi ability tpom activitis quiing mntal altnss physical co-odination such as opating machiny diving a vhicl. Concomitant us hydoxyzin with alcohol oth CNS dpssants should b avoidd as this may aggavat ths cts (s sction 4.5 ‘Intaction with oth mdicinal poducts and oth oms intaction).

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if you debilitate filled whilst taking atarax.

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