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Most of the undesirable effects reported by users of nicotine gums occur during the first few weeks after beginning treatment and may be due to chewing incorrectly or to the effects of nicotineSuch effects include dizzinessheadachestomach trouble such as How much does zofran cost on the street nauseavomitingindigestion or heartburnincreased salivahiccupsjaw muscle ache and a sore mouth or throat.

Nicotinell TTS should be used with caution on diseased skinsee section 4.2In the event of a severe or persistent skin reactiondiscontinue treatment and use another pharmaceutical form of nicotine replacement therapy.

Nicotinell TTS contains aluminiumThe patch should therefore be removed prior to undergoing any MRIMagnetic Resonance Imagingdefibrillation or cardioversion procedures.

Keep the gum in the blister pack inside the carton until you are ready to use itIf you take the gum out of its blister packit may not keep well.

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begin using nicotinell polacrilex lozenges on your quit date.

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