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Before using Trimoxtell your doctor if you are allergic to cephalosporins such as CeclorCeftinDuricefKeflexand othersAlso tell your doctor if you have asthmaliver or kidney diseasea bleeding or blood clotting disordermononucleosisalso calledmonoor any type of allergy.

Allergic reactions like skin rashitching or hivesswelling of the facelipsor tongue breathing problems dark urine rednessblisteringpeeling or loosening of the skinincluding inside the mouth diarrhea stomach upset headache dizziness trouble sleeping seizures unusually weak or tired unusual bleeding or bruising yellowing of the eyes or skin trouble passing urineor a decrease in the quantity of urine.

Pale or yellowed skinyellowing of the eyesdark colored urinefeverconfusion or weakness;

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aminosalicylates such as mesalazine, olsalazine, sulfasalazine ace inhibitors such as captopril or enalapril cimetidine clozapine co-trimoxazole or trimethoprim , particularly in people who have had a kidney transplant leflunomide other immunosuppressants such as mycophenolate, ciclosporin or tacrolimus ribavirin.

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