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6 mg was administered with clarithromycin 250 mg bid for 7 days, the colchicine cmax increased 197 and the auc0- increased 239 compared to administration of colchicine alone.

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Information about Colchicine.

Colchicine capsules are a prescription medication used to prevent gout flares in adults.

Alcohol can decrease this drug’s effectivenessLimit alcohol while taking this drug.

If you are taking colchicine to prevent gout attackscall your doctor right away if you experience a gout attack during your treatmentYour doctor may tell you to take an extra dose of colchicinefollowed by a smaller dose one hour laterIf you take extra doses of colchicine to treat a gout attackyou should not take your next scheduled dose of colchicine until at least 12 hours have passed since you took the extra doses.

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this has the effect of potentially mitigating the otherwise highly toxic effects of a colchicine in a way that would be very hard to replicate in the real world.

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